Personal Products Overview

Protect & monetize your data, and optimize how you use the internet.

Grape ID™ Badge

Protect Yourself From Impersonators

In a world full of fraud & fakes, your verified brand identity is one of the most powerful currencies you own. Add the Grape ID™ verification badge so customers, employees, & suppliers instantly know they’re talking with the real you.

Grape Email

Making Informed Decisions with Confidence

For insurance companies, lifestyle and health data is vital. By using our data marketplace, these companies can set more accurate premiums for health insurance policies, balancing risk effectively.

Single Sign-On (SSO) (coming soon)

One login for all partnered websites

With just one login through the Grape ID™ mobile app, you can access multiple websites that are part of our network. This means you only need to remember one password, while enjoying the highest security standards for all your logins. Simply tap a button or scan a QR code to securely access any participating website. It's fast, safe, and simplifies your online experience.

Data Vault (coming soon)

Securely Store & Manage Your Data

Store any amount of data you wish in our cloud-based vault, which offers 10x security compared to traditional username & password methods. Your Grape ID™ badge ensures only you can access your information. With the Data Vault, you can easily manage, protect, and monetize your data, all while keeping it accessible from anywhere. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your digital assets are safe and under your control.

Digital Wallet (coming soon)

Consolidate All Payment Methods Into One Place

Seamlessly integrate credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, and eventually cryptocurrencies into one secure location. Protected by your Grape ID™ badge, your financial data is safe and its digital footprint can be monetized. Experience the convenience of a universal payment method that adjusts to your lifestyle, preventing fraud alerts while traveling and streamlining your transactions.

Contact Manger (coming soon)

Manage All Contacts In One Place

This tool syncs with various contact platforms, ensuring that your connections are always up to date. When a friend changes their number, it automatically updates in your list. You can manage, share, and update your contacts effortlessly. Plus, protect, monetize, and optimize your contact data, all while maintaining the latest information at your fingertips.

Verified Polls (coming soon)

Share & Monetize Your Opinions

Protect your thoughts with the Grape ID™ badge and earn cash from your insights generated by participating in polls. Our platform ensures that your voice is heard in local and global discussions, but with the verifiability of our Grape Score™ authentication and blockchain.

Barcode Scanner (coming soon)

Protect Yourself Against Fake QR Codes

This tool isn't just a scanner; it's a guardian for your digital rights. It verifies legitimacy of QR codes before you visit the sites, it allows you to flag suspicious links, and you can monetize the digital footprint left by scanning QR codes.

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