Eight Premium Features to Guarantee More Rights

  • $1M Guarantee: protect Every transaction with $1M guarantee Against Fake Profiles

  • AI-Powered Single Sign-On: Log in faster & Safer — No passwords, No password managers, No One-Time Codes, No authenticator apps, No CAPTCHA, etc.

  • Data Insights: Explore what your data tells you about yourself

  • Legal Summary Stickers: Instantly know if common legal agreements like Privacy Policies infringe on your Digital rights

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  • Prove you're REAL with your Grape ID™

  • Verify others on Facebook, Craigslist, Turo, etc.

  • Discover who has your data

  • Earn cash for your data (privacy guaranteed)

  • Block 99% of email spam

  • Much more...

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Protect Every Interaction With a $1M Guarantee

Imagine protecting yourself with $1M guarantee against scams and fraud every time you log in to a website, purchase something online or in a store, check an email, click a link, or receive a message from someone on the internet.

If they have the green badge, you're protected with a $1M guarantee that it's them. Our Premium plan gives you the peace of mind knowing that every online interaction is with a legit person — not a bot or fake profile.


Get Single Sign-On (SSO) for Out-of-Network Websites

Our free subscription includes single sign-on (SSO) for In-Network websites. These are companies that joined the Grape ID™ network.

Only Premium subscribers get SSO for Out-of-Network websites. To accomplish this, we use AI to essentially "integrate" our services into the code of each website you use so you can seamlessly log in with your Grape ID™ — you don't even need their permission to add Grape ID™ SSO.


Automatically Manage Passwords Like a Pro

What if you never had to change your passwords, use a password manager, reset your password, get locked out, use an authenticator app, copy & paste a one-time code, or do any of these annoying login tasks ever again? And what if it worked on any website — even if they're "out-of-network"?

That's what you get with the Grape ID™ Premium subscription. Logging in with Premium is 10x faster and safer.


Discover What Companies Know About You

What do big-tech companies know about you? What does your data tell you about yourself?

Our AI processes your data to reveal unique insights about your psychology, habits, and interests — and shows you in an easy-to-understand way. Use these insights to learn about yourself, or sell access to the insights to earn extra income without exposing your private info.


Instantly Know If Legal Docs Like Privacy Policies Are Fair

Only 1% of technology users read documents like Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies.

To solve this problem, we use AI to analyze legal agreements for you. Then we analyze it for red flags, compare it to your needs & preferences, then show you simple red, yellow or green stickers next to each agreement so you can easily understand when the terms are not in your favor.


Tamper-Proof Your Digital Footprint & Contracts

Have you ever wondered if your digital agreement, purchase history, bank details, or emails were modified or deleted without you realizing it? Blockchain verification creates 100% tamper-proof record of your online interactions that no one can alter without your consent.

Our system saves your transactions to the blockchain so there's complete transparency and accountability around your digital activity. If anyone tries to change details later, the mismatch with blockchain records makes it instantly detectable. Now you can have peace of mind that your online footprint cannot be secretly modified.


Instantly Prove You Don't Have a Criminal Record

Renting a house? Applying for a job? Want to earn more money for your data?

Our background checks expedite everyday transactions & interactions like finding housing, applying for jobs, or dating. It even motivates businesses to pay you more for your anonymous data insights because they trust that you're not likely defrauding them.


Move Your Support Requests To the Front of the Queue

Do you hate waiting days or weeks for companies to address issues and requests? As a premium member, you bypass these annoying delays with priority support services.

We assign additional staff members to premium user support tickets to resolve questions and requests as rapidly as possible. Your issues never wait in a long queue behind free users. Support tickets also notify staff that they are high priority for the fastest turnaround time. You also get access to a private online community for advice.


Hire a Specialist to Maximize Your Digital Rights For You

Don't want to figure out how to protect yourself, earn more, and save time?

A specialist acts like an accountant, but for your digital rights to proactively identify opportunities to save you time, money, and protect yourself. They own the process of resolving account issues, submitting feature requests, processing credentials, and more so you can focus on what matters.

Two Available Subscriptions


Perfect for those who want a $1M guarantee, and to save more time.

early-adopter pricing

$197 $47

per year

What's Included:

  • Everything In "Free"

  • $1M Protection Guarantee

  • AI-powered single sign-on

  • AI-Powered Data Insights

  • Legal Review Stickers

  • Blockchain Verification

  • Annual background check

  • Priority feature requests

  • Priority bug fixes

  • Priority credential processing

  • Priority email & chat support

  • Priority integrations

  • access to Private Online community

Early-Adopter Perks

  • Get 76% off for Life

  • Fully refundable

  • Early-access to new features


Dedicated Specialist

For busy professionals or those who like a "done-for-you" service.

early-adopter pricing

$797 $397

Per Year

What's Included:

  • Everything in "Premium"

  • 1 Dedicated Specialist

  • 90 minutes of Live Support

  • Live Video Verification ($37 value)

  • Monthly audit

  • Monthly Data Insights

  • Monthly goals

  • Specialist manages all feature requests, bug fixes, credentials, etc.

Early-Adopter Perks

  • Get 50% off for Life

  • Fully refundable

  • Early-access to new features