Protect, Monetize, and Optimize Your Email

  • Discover who has your email data

  • Instantly verify email senders

  • Get paid to engage with email

  • Block 99% of email spam

  • Prove you're REAL with your Grape ID™

  • Verify others on Facebook, Craigslist, Turo, etc.

  • Discover who has your data

  • Earn cash for your data (privacy guaranteed)

  • Block 99% of email spam

  • Much more...

Works With 400+ Email Providers

Protect Your Email


Who Has Your Data

Discover how many businesses have access to your data. See the type of data they have and how you can restrict access to your data so YOU remain in control.

Instantly Verify Emails

With the Grape ID™ Badge

The Grape Score™ badge tells you if the email sender is legitimate. The badge is either red (unverified profile), yellow (partially verified), or green (verified profile).

Email Anyone With

End-to-End Encryption

Popular email providers offer "encryption", but they can still read your email. End-to-end encryption stops your email provider from reading your email. Add Grape ID™ to your existing email in 30 seconds.

Get Paid for Your Time & Data

Step 1:

Set Your Hourly Rate

Grape ID™ guarantees you get paid what you feel you're worth to open, read, and engage with email. These are usually email lists you already subscribe to. You set your hourly rate — we take care of the rest.

Step 2:

Businesses Pay You for the Right to Target You

1. Business don't get your data because our Ad Marketplace searches your Data Vault without sharing data to businesses.

2. Then we find the highest bidder who's willing to pay you in exchange for the ability to target you anonymously.

Step 3:

Businesses Pay You to Open or Click Email

We calculate the prorated payment you receive based on your set hourly rate, the length of the email, and other factors to ensure you are fairly compensated for your time.

Step 4:

Cash Out Whenever,

No Withdraw Limit

If you have a green verified badge, you can cash out at any time. Send cash to your bank or to a friend. Partially and unverified account (red & yellow badges) must complete fraud-prevention measures such as a 30-day wait period to withdraw cash.

Claim Your Right to Spam-Free Email

Decide which emails you receive based on the sender's Grape Score™ or cash value.

Get the Emails You Want,

Block What You Don't Want

Tapping "Allow" guarantees that you'll receive the person's emails in your inbox. Tapping "Block" sends them to trash. Change your mind at any time.

Group Undecided Emails

Into a "Daily Digest"

For emails that you don't want to allow, but you still kind of want them - just add them to your "Daily Digest" and we'll send you a summary of the emails each days.