What Is Grape ID?

Grape ID is an app that gives you instant access to everything and it makes you safer. Register, check in, check out, log in, fill out forms, or authenticate your identity - all in a click. Grape ID replaces things like your credit cards, loyalty cards, passwords, and security questions. Now you have the freedom to use your Grape ID anywhere: buy coffee at Starbucks, sign up for a contest, log into Instagram, board a plane. We partner with each business while you sit back and relax.

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Why Grapes?


My credit cards were stolen by being scanned at a gas station and I'm so tired of having to remember passwords and usernames...i just want something safe, easy, and fast...


I love the fact that you'll change my passwords every single time I log into a website - that's how Elon Musk will secure autonomous vehicles from hackers... 


I prepaid for three years because $25 is a steal to get rid of my passwords and know that my accounts are secure.


I signed up because I like that everyone's identity is verified. Looking forward to it.


I know the service isn't available yet, but I can't wait to stop getting robocalls and stop having to use my freakin passwords.