Protect Your Data & Save Time While Earning Cash

Grape ID™ connects to your email so you can:

  • Prevent Email Scams With Our Verified Badge

  • Keep Your Email Conversations Private

  • Permanently Eliminate Spam

  • Get Paid to Open Email

  • Much More...

  • Prove you're REAL with your Grape ID™

  • Verify others on Facebook, Craigslist, Turo, etc.

  • Discover who has your data

  • Earn cash for your data (privacy guaranteed)

  • Block 99% of email spam

  • Much more...

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Works With 400+ Email Providers

How It Works


Verify to Get

a Grape ID™ Badge



Protect Your Data With Your Badge



Organize and Monetize Your Data

How It Works


Get a Verified

Grape ID™ Badge



It Protects Your

Email & Data



Earn Cash for
Your Time & Data

Grape ID™ Guarantees 3 Core Digital Rights

Protect Your Data

Protect yourself and all of your data on the internet.

  • Protect all accounts with MFA

  • See who has your data

  • Instantly Know who's real

  • Encrypt all conversations

  • many more...


Monetize Your Data

You have the right to earn cash for your time and data.

  • Get Paid to open email

  • Sell Anonymized Insights

  • Withdraw funds at any time

  • Many more...


Optimize Your Data

Save time and cash by managing your data more efficiently.

  • Block 99% of spam

  • Stop using passwords

  • Understand your data

  • Many more...

The More Who Join, The Faster We All Get Protected & The More Cash We Earn

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