Business Products Overview

Acquire new customers & engage them WITHOUT violating their digital rights.

Grape ID™ Badge for Business

Protect Your Brand From Impersonators

A digital verification badge that allows you to instantly prove your brand identity online. Add it to your website, emails, social media, and more in just a few clicks. Grape ID works across devices like laptops, phones, and ATMs to protect against impersonators and fraud.

Ad Marketplace

Target potential customers who want your ads in 5 easy steps

Pay people to view your ads. Target them by demographics, interests, and more or let Grape ID™ match you to leads. Get a guaranteed call-to-action, or feedback why they did not complete your desired action to understand your customers.

Data Marketplace

Access niche data in 3 easy steps on our transparent marketplace

Buy or sell targeted data to grow your business. We ensure fair pricing, smooth transactions, anonymity options, and GDPR compliance. Use benchmarked pricing and standardized agreements.

Lead Conversion

Convert leads in 3 steps with Grape ID™ engagement tools

Get your emails delivered to primary inbox and opened with our Guaranteed Delivery tool. Pay leads to engage with emails to drive conversions. We also provide anonymous tracking to see your traffic sources.

One-Click Transactions

Close sales faster by reducing the number of require clicks & actions

One-Click Transactions simplify opt-ins, logins, and buying so users can complete actions with one click. Speed up transactions by 10x, boost sales 20-400%, and remain GDPR compliant.

Identity Verification

Manage All Contacts In One Place

We offer omni-factor identity authentication (OFA) as a service to instantly verify users with up to 99.9% accuracy. Our Grape ID™ Badge shows each person's verification status at a glance. Users verify once, then reuse it across any other platform. Authentication is powered by AI and blockchain.

Anti-Spam & Bots

Stop spam in 3 easy steps

Protect against spam and bots across all digital channels. We identify real users so you can automatically block the unidentified and unwanted traffic. Join our Anti-Spam Coalition to collaborate with other businesses.

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