Permanently Eliminate Passwords

The average person has 159 passwords, but when does it stop? How many is too many? 
Grape ID™ is an electronic ID (eID) that enables you to access any website using one single login.

STEP 1: Get Verified

Convert to an electronic ID (eID) for fast verification.

STEP 2: We Partner with Websites That You Use

Just keep your eID installed and Grape ID™ partners with each website you use to give you fast and secure access. It's like Facebook single sign-on, but 10x more secure.

STEP 3: Enjoy Fast & Secure Logins

We notify you when your Grape ID™ is connected to each website. Your old password will no longer work which will prevent anyone using those credentials from hacking your account.

Scan a QR Code to Instantly Log In
Use the Browser Plugin

With Grape ID™, YOU Are In Control of Your Credentials and Data

Get Rid of These:
  • Password Managers
  • ​Authenticator Apps
  • Encryption Apps
  • Text Verifications
  • ​Email Verifications
Grape ID™ Has Your Back
  • You're In Control
  • ​It's Private & Anonymous
  • It's Secure
  • No Ads
  • ​No Selling Your Data
  • ​Always Free (Premium optional)
See How It Works

As an example, we'll show you how to take a Grape ID™ National Poll both on your mobile and web browser.

More On Grape ID™ Security

1) Grape ID™ Authentication

Our proprietary identity verification process uses up to 20 different points, yet it is extremely simple to use.

2) The Grape Score™

The Grape Score™ simplifies security and trust. A Grape Score™ of "94%" means you can be 94% sure that a person is who they claim to be. More detail available.
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