Secure Your Data Using the Buddy System for the Internet

Just like grapes, people come in clusters: families, friends, comrades, and so forth. Grape ID harnesses the power of trust within your existing relationships to protect you online. It's like the "buddy system" for the internet. Grape ID's requires 3 friends to vouch for your identity in order for your Grape ID status to be "Verified". Your friends also help verify your identity in case you need emergency access. For example, if you get locked out or lose your phone - your trusted friends verify your identity to give you access to your Grape ID on a new device.

Fortify Your Data with the Always-Changing Password

Grape ID replaces your weak passwords (usually <30 characters) with strikingly strong passwords (250+ characters). On top of that, we automatically change your passwords every time you use them (e.g. log into a website). Grape ID is far superior to a password managers because you'll never have to manage passwords again. 

Stop Data Breaches

Data breaches are one of the greatest injustices to individuals because your private information is usually stolen without any ability for you to stop it. Grape ID drastically reduces the likelihood of becoming a victim of a data breach. Our approach is three-fold: 1) Verify the identity of every human that communicates with businesses to reduce social hacking 2) Anonymize your private info that is stored by 3rd parties so that it is useless to other 3) Get control over your info so that even if someone steals your SSN, for example, they can't open a credit card in your name because that requires your authorization. 

10 Factor Authentication

If you're reading this security page - you've probably heard of multi-factor authentication (MFA). Not all websites support MFA, but the ones who do are all different. There are different apps, processes, text verification vs email vs dongles, and etc. Can you imagine having MFA for all of your websites? The only thing you'd be doing all day is managing your gang of verification codes. Grape ID is one place to authenticate for all of your websites.

Avoid Fraudsters and Impostors

Secure Your Borders (aka Your Communication Channels)

Encrypt All of Your Communications

Can you imagine encrypting every phone call, email, and text message to all of your employees, suppliers, and yes - even to your customers and strangers? That is what Grape ID is striving to make possible. ID verification ensures that the correct person is at the other end of the communication, and encrypting your communication ensures that no one else accesses it along the way. 

Know Everyone Is Legitimate