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Introducing the World's First Universal Internet ID

It Makes Technology Easier and Safer by Fixing One Fundamental Internet Flaw.

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Our Promise To You:
  • It's All About YOU: Grape ID is built by your rules - not corporate greed
  • You Have Rights: You have the right to security, privacy, & convenience.
  • $1M Security Guarantee: We've got your back! See our 3 Guarantees!---------------------->
  • Do you dread giving out your info?
  • Worried about being scammed?
  • Are you tired of passwords?
  • ​Too busy to read those privacy notices?
...then you NEED to get Grape ID.
Welcome to the Grape Life
Experience Less Disruptions
Do you like surprise disruptions in your day? Well, organized people live less chaotic lives. Grape ID gives you one place to log in, check in, pay, register, verify, and transact - everywhere you go. This eliminates needing multiple ID's like credit cards and usernames.
Instantly Access Anything
Did you know the average person wastes 100+ hours / year on unnecessary tasks?  Whether filling out forms, dealing with passwords, robocalls, or trying to identify a scam. We partner with all businesses you use to give you instant access to everything. 
Get Next-Generation Privacy & Security
When was the last time you changed your passwords? With Grape ID, you'll never need to change them again. We offer the world's first multi-factor authentication that replaces all of your existing logins with something better to drastically increase your security. 
Come On...Is It ACTUALLY Safer?
  • No Photo ID? (uh oh): You need a photo ID to get a Grape ID.
  • Continuous Verification: Once you get Grape ID, we keep verifying your identity in real-time.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): It's MFA on STERIODS! You get the strongest, yet easiest-to-use authentication to protect all of your accounts.
  • We Never See Your Data: Your financial, health, driving, IRS, and other data never pass through our servers. (and we don't want it to.)
What Are Others Saying?
"My credit cards we're stolen by being scanned at a gas station and i'm so tired of having to remember passwords... I just want
something safe, easy, and fast."
Las Vegas, NV
"I love the fact that you'll change my passwords every single time I log into a website. That's how Elon Musk will secure autonomous vehicles from hackers..."
Los Angeles, CA
"I prepaid for three years because this is a steal to get rid of my passwords and know that my accounts are secure."
Salt Lake City, UT
Business Owner?
  • Increase Sales: Grape ID increases your sales conversion!
  • Increase Security: Finally! A cybersecurity service that's both simple AND pays for itself
  • Increase Profits: Grape ID reduces your operating expense. 
Why Grapes?
The world is full of good people intertwined by the grapevine. Why not use our existing relationships to increase our online security?

Just like grapes, people come in clusters - family, friends, etc. Grape ID harnesses the trust within your existing relationships to protect you online.

Grape ID is like the "buddy system" for the internet. If you lose your phone or get locked out - your trusted friends give you access.
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