A Digital Passport to 10x Your Privacy & Security

Automatically protect any account by adding 20-factor authentication

Banking, social media, email, and more...
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One place to manage all of your data.

You get one-click convenience backed by patented technology.  

Your "useful" data never even passes through Grape ID™ servers

For example, when you log into your bank — Grape ID™ simply proves your identity and that's it — Grape ID™ doesn't know anything about your banking details. 

Even when you're viewing your account balance from inside the app, the dollar amount goes directly from the bank to your phone (not through Grape ID™ servers).

How It Works

We Consolidate Your ID's (automatically):

Make your personal data worthless to others

There is no better way to protect your private information than by making your personal data utterly worthless to others. 

For example, a fraudster can't create a fake credit card for you when banks require your permission through your digital passport.

Get rid of all those apps

Grape ID™ frees space on your phone by doing the job of 10 apps in one. 

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One login for the entire internet

Over the next year, your existing logins will be replaced with your Grape ID™.

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